Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have multiple issues that cause me to have terrible pain. I was in so much pain that I had to bend over just to walk. I had been walking like that for 3 years! Within 2 weeks of treatment,I COULD STAND UP AGAIN! I still hurt but I can stand. My continued treatments have lessened some of my pain. I have been treated so well by all of the wonderful staff that I have shouted your praises to the world!I thank you all so much and appreciate the atmosphere you all provide."

- Melissa Hurt

"I have nothing but great things to say about Maysville Family Chiropractic. When I first walked in, I was in severe pain. Everyone who worked here treated me as family in this painful time. I appreciated everything this family owned business has done for me. Very professional with the small town feel."

Corey Porter

"I have came to DR .Rita for many years ,we go way back with our children,( we always have something to talk about),I have always been treated with kindness and respect,her and her team are great!She's listens and she cares ,she has helped me out and always took me in.My Neck and shoulders are are a bear to work on,but they do feel better after treatment and adjustments,so people if you have aches and pains,a disability, please give Maysville Family Chiropractic Neck and Back Center a chance, you'll be so glad you did.❤💙💚"

- DennaHughes

"At first when done on my hands (I have carpel tunnel) was very painful (very intense), but now after only 3 or 4 times much better."

- Kimberly Hathorn

"Dr. Rita and her staff are amazing! I have problems with vertigo so severe I can not walk. Dr. Rita see's me immediately and provides needed treatment. A few hours later I am able to walk and function as normal. I can not say enough about her skill level as a physician and her general caring as a person. Your in great hands with her and this team."

- Heather Morgan

"I give 10 stars, Great experience! The first day 7-7-2016 I got my treatment. I have neck pain back pain and headaches everyday of my life. I went home went to bed later on for the first time since I can remember no neck pain. Today I woke up no headaches. I'm so happy with my experience just after 1 treatment, just can't wait for whats next I'm telling everyone I know to come here. Everyone here is nice, kind and truly care."

- Sharon Doyle

"Very good."

Allen Kielman

"Around May 5th I was in so much pain. I could hardly sit, walk, sleep, work or hardly do anything without pain. I came in and Dr.Mike worked on my back, massaged and rubbed out the inflammation and within 2 days I felt like a different person. I am now able to walk without pain, sit, work, and sleep. My advice to you if your in pain let Dr. Mike work on you he will fix you right up."

- Bonnie Sparks

"Amazing as always. The service is great, and I always feel welcomed and well cared for. I haven't been coming for long, but I look forward to my visits."

- Diana Wolf

"After dry needling on shoulder area, pain is much better. Afterwards, pain went from 8 to 4, and after one week, pain only 2. Ultrasound also big help. It works wonderfully- trust me!"

- Kimberly Hathorn

"I have been seeing Dr. Rita for a number of years due to arthritis issues. However when I do have a specific injury, currently my hip, chiropractic works! My pain level has been greatly reduced. The atmosphere here is energetic and fun, you feel very welcomed. The PT's are friendly and helpful. OMG! you have to try the massage. Don't be in vain, come on in and relieve the pain. HEHE!"

- Jill Combs

"Excellent care. Very attentive and knowledgable."

- Jonathan Lykins

"5 Stars.. I give her a rating title of miracle worker. Started 2014- thought chiropractors do backs only. Discovered Dr. Rita is a master of all trades she can remove any and all pains 🙂 2015- Great success taking pain of heel spurs. Treated headaches and injuries from falls. Hiatal Hernia adjustment. Better than 55yrs of Medical Doctors :). In 1 year she took away so much pain more than any other doctor did in 55 years. 2016-Treated my tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, spurs and like her way at treating source root cause analysis, x-rays explained, etc..."

- Marie Antoinette Castelli

"I have been coming here for years. When I first came here I was sceptical but after coming here so long I have been able to walk and sleep. This place is God sent."

- Brandon Emmons

"My experience here is good and I feel like this is really helping out."

- Candace Jaimez

"Very nice, good results, great results."

- Dustin Alan McCane

"It was by chance that I discovered Dr.Rita Goldman and Maysville Family Chiropractic. I was in extreme pain- could not move my left shoulder and, for lack of a better word, I was miserable. The care and professionalism I was shown was unbelievable. By the time I left the office that afternoon I was no longer suffering and was out of pain. I am treated with kindness and concern every time I walk into the office. They are fantastic."

- Karen Bruce

"Precise to the problems. Able to explain problems. All staff attended to procedures. All staff seems to relate personally to me and other patients. Always a beneficial visit."

- Neil Scott Bruce

"My Year: A pinched nerve in my neck. ER doctor ordered muscle relaxers and pain meds. Nothing else they could do. Enter Dr. Rita. Her treatment allowed me to walk upright immediately! Continuing treatment allowed me to stop using meds and return to my normal life. Then, two bouts of shingles. Antiviral meds (necessary!) and pain meds (again). by the second bout I was smart enough to go to Dr. Rita for light treatment which I believe shortened the duration of the outbreak. With shingles, any and all relief is very welcome! Bottom line: Meds have their place in my life. But chiropractic care made it possible for me to not rely on meds for longer than necessary. I highly recommend Dr. Rita. She is very knowledgeable. But, also her listening skills and compassion make me feel my health is important to her as it is to me."

- Karen Horsley

"Well I came here three weeks ago. I had been lying flat on my back for the last two and a half months, and now I'm doing much better all around. I've did more work in the last couple of days that I've did in years. I also have been diagnosed with neuropathy in my feet. Burning and tingling for the last twenty years and she has been working on my feet for three weeks and my pain is almost gone. She has done wonders, I would recommend anyone. And also a good staff."

- Terry Perry

"This is the best place to come too. I give 5 stars."

- Marie Sanchez

"I enjoy coming to Maysville Chiropractic. They are like family to me. I have problems with my back, neck, and knees. When I get my treatment I feel so much better. I even sleep better at night. God works miracles through them. They are always friendly and help in any way they can. I recommend anybody with problems with their joints or muscles even headaches to go see them and you will feel better when you leave. God bless."

- Stephanie Florence

"I have always had knee pain. After 1 treatment from Dr. Rita and her staff, I was pain free for the first time in years. I would suggest that anyone with pain, regardless of how long they have suffered, come into Maysville Family Chiropractic. It will change your life!!"

- Bradley Stone

 "Great experience. Staff is extremely friendly!! Dr. Rita is a great chiropractor, and I would recommend anyone to her services."
-Ryan Henderson

"Excellent care, friendly staff, very helpful with my needs."

- Kathy Hughes

"Well, I appreciate the good customer service. I always feel welcomed. If I ever need to come back I won't hesitate."

- Lyric Holmes

"It has been great! I have a spinal stimulation implant that I have not had to use in the past week."

- Boyd Houp

"My experience at Maysville Family Chiropractic has been wonderful. The staff show they really care and are all like family. I always enjoy it! They remind me that pain is not a lifestyle."

- Brittany Marie Lee


- Keith Mason

"One of the best."

- Judy Breeze

"I always have a great experience. There is a great massage therapist who always helps me relax my problem muscles. I have been treated for many things in the years I have been a patient, and they have helped with each new problem that develops."

- Sherry H

"I had a accident 20 years ago approx. Every since then I have been seeing Dr. Rita. She has all different ways to make me feel better. She kept me working until about a year ago. She never lets me leave the office until I feel better. I don't know what I would do without her. My quality of life would be totally different. And no pain medicine needed."

- Laurali C

"The staff is wonderfully kind and friendly. Appointment times are available to meet nearly anytime schedule. It is a warm caring environment. No question or concern is disregarded."

- Helen E


- Brandon E

"Dr. Rita took xrays my first visit, and found that one of my hips was turned in, plus I got the royal treatment my first day. Hopefully we can get this hip turned back the way its suppose to be and I can live a normal life."

- Kathy F

"Wonderful! I can not think of enough words to what has helped my body. I really enjoy my walks and garden more. God bless and keep everyone of you all now and forever."

- Mariah H

"Its been a lot of pain gone since I started coming here. Better range, movement, the staff is real nice could not ask for any better."

- Josh G

"The staff is very professional and dedicated to providing relief and correction of your condition. They deal with the Insurance company directly and address any issues in a timely manner. The program works!"

- John

"Dr Sklar is great doctor, caring and patient. The entire staff is great too. Marilyn at front desk is always upbeat and helpful too!"

- Maria M

"I feel Neck and Back are the best Medical Center a person can have. I have chronic back trouble and I been going to them for years and they have helped my back tremendously. I will continue to go to them for maintenance for the rest of my life to keep my back healthy and strong. Great doctors and a great team...They care about me and if you decide to give them a try, they will all care about you!!"


"My experience was a positive one. The office staff the doctors & tech's were very courteous , skillful and the equipment was state of the art. I feel that I did get improvement in my back pain. I will use the Neck and Back Medical Center again if and when my situation requires it . Thanks Tim"


"My experience has been great. The staff are very kind and courteous. The doctors are awesome. I am feeling much better thanks to their care and treatment."

- Kimberly M

"This is only my second visit. I can already tell there is going to be great results. You are treated with lots of kindness, and everyone there is very professional at there work."

- Shane H

"I have a very good experience here. Maysville Family Chiropractic is a great place to come if you are in pain or have allergies. Dr. Rita helps you get rid of your pain and allergy problems. I enjoy coming here, they treat everyone as family or friends. Sometimes they have food to celebrate birthdays or other occasions. But usually there is always something to snack on and something to drink while you are here. Maysville Family Chiropractic is a kid friendly place."

- Brittaney R

"Prompt when I came in. Friendly. A joy to come in."

- Dewey F

"Great courtious staff. Clean and well organized environment. Doctors well knowleged in the field."

- John M

"When I come in hurting I can be assured I will leave in no pain. Everyone is very pleasant to be around."

- Catherine A

"It's wonderful I feel 100% better."

- Helen N

"This is a good place to come in and get your own therapy done. I will tell other people to come here."

- Thelma G

"When I first came I couldn't walk 1/4 of a mile without my lower back hurting. I can now walk as far as I want. I have had a hurt elbow and shoulder which they have helped."

- Becky S

















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