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Patient Consultation

The new patient enters the clinic and is always greeted with a friendly receptionist to assist you with your initial paperwork. The front desk receptionist will show you to the consultation area where the doctor will be in to see you. He/she will discuss your health concerns and determine what is needed to diagnose your condition and decide if they will accept your case for further examination.

New Patient Examination

The new patient will be tested in several different areas. Of course, the area of the main complaint will be thoroughly examined. The patient will also be checked concerning their respiration rate, cervical and lumbar range of motion, muscle strength and any other tests that the doctor believes is necessary.
Depending on the patient?s needs, several diagnostic tests are available to Family Chiropractic either in office or by referral to another health facility. Patient examination findings and daily patient notes are documented through state-of-the-art computer systems.

X-Ray Services

Family Chiropractic is equipped with in-house x-ray facilities. If a patient’s condition requires x-ray clarification, the proper films can be taken, developed and analyzed in our clinic.

Report of Findings

After the patient has obtained all of the needed tests to diagnose their condition, a consultative Report of Findings will be scheduled to explain all of the findings of the case and the significance to their current health status. If accepted for treatment, the doctor will show what would be involved to help the patient. It is important to understand the meaning of the test results and how those findings affect current health conditions. A treatment plan will be shown for the patient and any questions can be answered at that time before any treatment would begin.

Chiropractic Treatment

Treatment is extremely individualized for each patient accepted for care. Every patient’s needs are different and there are many variables that can affect the treatment and the speed of the results for each condition. Many different types of treatments are available and used in the clinic. Click here to see the wide variety of treatments which are used in the clinic or are available through referral to another facility. Family Chiropractic maintains a close working relationship with many local doctors.

Rehabilitative Exercises

Family Chiropractic is equipped with Synergy Rehab Equipment to aid patients to regain strength and stability in the areas where they are weak or injured. This rehabilitation in conjunction with the patient’s treatment plan of scheduled adjustments and therapy is imperative in bringing the patient to a complete state of recovery for their injuries and/or problem areas. Family Chiropractic incorporate cranial adjusting techniques to facilitate headache and upper cervical work with patients.

Massage Therapy (Relaxation or Therapeutic)

Family Chiropractic Clinic is staffed by a licensed medical massage therapist who performs relaxation massage for patients who request it and therapeutic massage for patients who require them as a part of their treatment. Massage is performed in the clinic. Therapeutic massage is billed to any appropriate insurance the patient may carry. Non-patients are also accepted for relaxation massage care.

Preventative/Maintenance Plans

Family Chiropractic offers several options for patients who have reached a maximum level of improvement and wish to maintain their optimal health. Preventative packages are available which offer maintenance patients the option of choosing their preventative plan which may consist of monthly massage, chiropractic care, nutritional support, and/or weight-loss monitoring…as their needs and preferences dictate.

Nutritional Counseling and Support

Family Chiropractic offers nutritional counseling and nutritional support. As many symptoms and conditions are partially or wholly due to nutritional needs, offering nutritional support is a natural extension of the care available through the clinic.

Also, as an alternative to prescription medication which often results in negative side effects, Family Chiropractic offers natural supplements and enzymes in special formula combinations to counteract patients’ diagnosed conditions which are in need of supplemental/enzyme intervention.

Back Classes

Family Chiropractic offers patient education is offered regularly. Classes include a variety of health topics and activities of daily living. In an effort to treat the “whole person,” the doctor offers education and information on topics of concern for patients. As balancing a patient’s life is vital in balancing a patient’s health, giving education and information on topics of concern helps to bring the patient to Whole Health. The link below will give you a menu of 10 audio topics for everyday health and living, brought to you by the doctor… listen and learn!

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