Meet The Team



David Goldman
Clinic Director

David grew up in Maysville and is a young bachelor focused on the clinics and building them to their full potential. In his spare time he enjoys rock climbing and playing music. His favorite saying is “Love Life And Appreciate Every Breath!”

“I’ve had a very active lifestyle and chiropractic has always kept me going! At our offices, the staff and patients are amazing!”

Cathy Thurman
Office Manager

Cathy grew up in Vanceburg, KY and is single with one son and four dogs. “I love Chiropractic because it heals the whole body and opens the door to a healthier life by allowing you a life free from pain and so many other problems.”

“My favorite thing about my co-workers and patients and the fact that we help so many people.” In her spare time, she enjoys hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking with her dogs in the rain.

Eric Insko
Technology Director

Eric grew up in Germantown, KY and is single with one son and a dog. “I love Chiropractic because it is natural healing.”

“My favorite thing about the office is the people I work with.” In his spare time, he enjoys camping, hiking, and guitar.

Karessa Hinton
Front Desk

Karessa grew up in Brooksville, KY and is married with two kids. “I love having the opportunity to connect with people and helping them feel better.

“My favorite thing about the office is Dr. Rita Goldman and Dr. Gary Mitchell.” In her spare time, she enjoys scrapbooking and spending time with her kids.

Katie Hopkins
Chiropractic Assistant

Katie grew up in Augusta, KY and is single with one son, two doges, two cats, and three fish. “I love Chiropractic because it is more than a quick fix and the variety of problems that can be treated with chiropractic care amazes me.”

“My favorite thing about the office is the environment and patients and my co-workers are great!” In her spare time, she enjoys playing with her son, hunting, fishing, camping, and sports.

Kim Stewart

Kim grew up in Highland Heights, KY and is single with a son. “I love Chiropractic because it treats the body in a holistic approach instead of targeting one specific problem area.”

“My favorite thing about the office is the way we work together as a whole and being a part of the healing process.” In her free time, she enjoys photography, flowers, and hiking.

Kristina Holmes, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist

Kristina grew up in Mayslick and is married, expecting a baby boy and has one dog (a yorkie) named Autumn. She enjoys spending time with family and friends in her spare time.

“I enjoy watching people feel better than when they started coming. My favorite thing about the office is helping people feel better.”

Victoria Corde
Public Relations Specialist

Victoria grew up in Maysville and is a mother of three. She enjoys drawing, reading, and writing poetry in her free time.

“I love chiropractic not only as a staff member here at Maysville Family Chiropractic, but also as a patient, because it has helped me so much to be able to deal with scoliosis.

Everyone here is very easy to get along with and we don’t just help people with their physical problems, but we treat people like family.”



Donna Koopman
Chiropractic Assistant

Donna grew up in Spartanburg, SC and is a widow with two adult children and two dogs (Baby & Precious). She enjoys gardening and reading in her spare time.

“I love chiropractic because it helps maintain my health and keeps me mobile without meds. My favorite thing about the office is the other staff members.”

Shawn Wing
Personal Trainer

Shawn grew up in Las Vegas, NV and is single with two younger brothers. He enjoys wakeboarding, snowboarding, riding motorcycles, skateboarding and staying shape.

“I love helping others regain strength they need and heal the pain so they are able to get back to a healthy, active, and fun lifestyle.

The patients and staff make this office a wonderful work environment. The staff feels like family, we do a fantastic job working together and the patients really enjoy coming in. This is one of the most unique chiropractic offices around.”

Susie Snapp
Chiropractic Assistant/PR Specialist

Susie grew up in Falmouth, KY and is the mother of two sons – and has two beautiful grandchildren. In her spare time she enjoys fishing, winetasting, and spending time with her children and grandchildren. Her favorite saying is “Thank God Everyday For All He Has Blessed Us With.”

“I see how chiropractic has helped many people, those who have tried everything and almost given up. I love having the ability to help those people. I love the people I work with, the great atmosphere, and the super patients.”

Aminda Davis
Front Desk Coordinator

Aminda grew up in Lake City, FL and Midway, KY. She is married to Sgt. Davis, and has one awesome son. They have a spoiled boxer named Berkley and a friendly bearded dragon named Treko. She enjoys photography in her spare time.

“Chiropractic is a great alternative to taking medication or surgical procedures. Our office is like a home. We love our patients and enjoy helping our patients get the most out of life.”

Brandi Branham, LMT
Licensed Massage Therapist

Brandi grew up in Elkhorn City, KY and enjoys bass fishing, reading, and enjoying every free moment she has outdoors. She is “a child of God, a proud mother of an energetic boy with a kind heart.” She is engaged to a “Godly man who catches the biggest bass with a generous cause in mind.”

“I love chiropractic because it introduces the bridge between massage and alternative medicine. Chiropractic gives immediate results to a lifestyle change. My office is the balance between work and play. We don’t see our jobs as work. We see it as an opportunity to educate and heal. Not to mention random karaoke moments in office.”

Christy Dickerson
PR Specialist

Christy grew up in Maysville and is married to Jason, with 3 wonderful children. She also has one dog (Jack, a shizapoo) a cat named Onyx and one grandchild. In her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her kids.

“Chiropractic treats the whole body, with no side effects, to heal the ‘problem.’ My favorite thing about our office is the family atmosphere and great coworkers!”

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